Multi-tenancy: user in multiple tenants


During my testing of multi tenancy authentication, I made:

  • Tenant 1
  • Tenant 2

I made a role & added a user.
This user now exists only for tenant 1.
Is it possible to also give this user access to tenant 2 with the same account?
I suppose it is possible, because in the documentation ( ) the 2 bottom images show user 1 in both tenants. However, I can't see to use tenant 2 for this user.

My tenantadmin account for example can switch between tenants, so I was wondering if I could make multiple admin accounts, which need to be able to switch between tenants.

Hi @DigitalCompetitive,

At the moment only roles can be the same across tenants - we will research if it's possible to enable the same for users.

UPDATE: Actually this is not possible. Each user is associated with a single tenant and this is how a deployed application will know which tenant to use when you login with a user.

So, if I understand it correctly, there can only be 1 admin account?
That would be quite a critical security issue if all our developers need to use this same "tenantadmin" account and we cannot log which person has done certain changes, because logging will say "tenantadmin" for all our developers then.

Edit: and how exactly do you make roles the same across tenants? I can't seem to get that working either.

Yes, at moment the tenants admin account is only one - if you need such multiple accounts you can extend the application in the way you want. Same role names across tenants was added recently, check if you have latest version.