Multi-language content in tables

Our application retrieves data form a DB. Some data are language-dependent. How to implement this multi-language in Radzen? Do I have to run different applications for each language and each application will have its own pages where the content will be presented in a consistent language?

The default Angular i18n support implemented in Radzen is using separate app per language.

What to do with the DB content? I mean Radzed allows to translate the content of application pages - text which is assigned to components. At the same time we need to change requests to the DB to extract data from different fields where we store values for different language. How do we parametrise thise requests? Can we do something like:

The current language is available via the implicit page property ${locale}. By default it returns 'en-US'.

Great but actually I wanted to do this without activation of native internationalization not to deal with several applications, because I don't need to translate the interface but only to retrieve different content from the DB...