Ms Identity scaffold


I think you have really nice a good job of adding some MVC scaffolding on top of the Ms Identity framework.

Here’s some feedback for possible improvements:

  1. As I see it, it is no longer good practice to send emails with links to click to confirm emails during registration. Short TOTPs that you receive in an email and enter manually in the registration box is better IMHO.
  2. When changing a user’s role you also have to reset the password which is a bit awkward. A simple dialog to assign roles only would be super.
  3. Your scaffold code doesn’t utilize the email provider pattern of the SDK (IEmailSender). Using that would enable more readily available customization of the scaffold code using DI. As in Ms Learn: Account confirmation and password recovery in ASP.NET Core
  4. A simple way to add External Auth Providers (G, FB, Ms etc) utilizing the Identity SDK would be great.