Moving mouse triggers OnParameterSetAsync

i have a strange bug after upgrading from 2.11.x to the latest version of radzen blazor (currently 2.15.4). i first thought it is caused by the recent .net 5.0 rc1 update, which i did at the same time, but can now narrow it down to the radzen blazor component version.

what happens:
when i move the mouse over the ui, at some parts the mouse movement triggers a "OnParametersSetAsync" call from the framework to one of my components.

this is best explained with a video. see the link:

the first video is with version 2.15.4, when moving the mouse over certain UI parts, the call triggers multiple times (see debug window bottom right).

when downgrading to 2.11.x, i can move the mouse anywhere, no call is triggered (which is the correct behaviour, as no data element has actually changed, so OnParametersSetAsync should never fire)

i have made a small demo project to showcase this as well:

could this be fixed please?

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Hi @RobertRo,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We confirm it is not intended behavior. It has been introduced after adding the Tooltip component and the issue at hand is caused by the RadzenContent component.

We will address the issue next week. For the time being you can downgrade to the latest working version.

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