More fun with Blazor password reset

Well into a project after production release I was asked to add in user-initiated password resets.
I've tried to follow several threads on the subject but none seem to match what I am seeing.

I do have email confirmation active and it is operational.
In the Login I have set the property AllowResetPassword.
For the ResetPassword event I have:

When I compile, I get 2 errors for missing functions:
protected async System.Threading.Tasks.Task PasswordChange(dynamic args)

    protected async System.Threading.Tasks.Task ConfirmPasswordChange(dynamic args)

If I comment out both of these and set breakpoints, they are never called.
The Forgot Password link appears, but if I click it, I get a message saying that the user name is invalid (it is valid)

I did see one person's extensive workaround, but your answers seem to say that it should just work out of the box.
Do you have any suggestions?

Check if you have something in application ignore list that might break correct code generation.

Sorry for the delay.
I have nothing in the application ignore list.
Radzen is generating the code PasswordChange and ConfirmPasswordChange in RegisterApplicationUser., but not for CheckPwd and CheckIfSame
Is there some boilerplate code you can supply and where it goes to make this functional?