Modularise Radzen.Blazor.js


I am attempting to bundle my app together using ParcelJS.
I have managed to bunlde everything fine: css, fonts, webassembly.js, and Radzen.Blazor.js too.
But when I come to run my app, even though everything is imported, when I click on a component (DatePicker for eg.) I get Radzen is not defined.

Do you think you could experment with Parcel and other bundlers?
You may just need to explicitly assign var Radzen to the window variable.

I have run out of time today.
If you do try ParcelJS then you will need to create a .terserrc file:

   "mangle": false

Hi @Luke_O_Brien,

We will expose the Radzen variable at window level. This should be sufficient.

Yer I have tested this morning and window['Radzen'] rather then var Radzen works with ParcelJS.