Modifying Width of DropDown panel in DataGrid

I am using a dropdown within a datagrid as a multi-select filter. The filtering operation itself is working, but I'm having troubles adjusting the width of dropdown panel so that the text for the options don't get cut off. Below is the behaviour I'm seeing - most info is redacted, but you can see that the word "Computer" is cut off.
What I'm hoping for is for dropdown's pop-up/panel to expand to the width of the longest item when the dropdown is expanded. I would also be open to the text wrapping if my first option is not possible.
Also of note is that I do not want this to apply to all dropdowns across the application - just the ones being used for datagrid filters.
I have been developing using Radzen Studio.
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Possible approach is:

  1. Set the id attribute of the dropdown
    <RadzenDropDown id="myDropDown">
  2. Use it to target its popup
    #popup-myDropDown {
      width: 300px !important;

Thank you for your response.
This works for me, however I need to apply this to a number of dropdown across different datagrids in the application. Is there a way to use a class instead of an id to apply this to multiple dropdowns - I couldn't figure out how.

Hi @lschmidt,

You can try also PopupStyle property or “rz-multiselect-items-wrapper"/"rz-dropdown-items-wrapper" classes.