Modifying the EventConsole component font size

Good morning Radzen team and users.

I'm trying to modify the font size in an EventConsole component.
I have tryed to use CLASS and/or DIV to add some font attribute but nothing change in the EventConsole.
Is ther a specific way to get the result I need or, is it only possible to change the font size in an EventConsole ?

Thanks for any answer or advice. Have a nice day.


Not sure why you need to use this component - it's something related to our demos only and the full source code cab be found here:


Thanks for your answer.
I'm using this component to get some kind of logs during developping activities and also for my own understanding of the Radzen concepts.
The source code of the EventConsole component is a good track for me to customize it. Thanks.

Have a nice day.

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Great idea! Thanks! I will try to do the same thing for on-the-fly logging.