Modifying Generated Code

I see the topic of modifying generated code is covered to somewhat degree in the doc's but it doesn't seem possible to modify layouts (razor pages)

Since I can't use the security model built into Radzen as Azure AD B2C isn't supported out of the box. It's easy enough to add Startup.cs to the ignore list, but what happens when you need to modify layouts etc using the tag or adding @attribute [Authorize]?

If I make changes the the razor file in VS, everything is lost when making changes in Radzen. Surely if I add the layout to the ignore list then any changes I make to the UI wont be saved ?

If you need to modify .razor file the only option is to add it to ignore list. Unlike pages, layout are not often changed. Other possible approach is to use custom components.Every page, layout, service, etc. class also is partial - you can add your own partial classes with custom code.

If you just want to add @attribute [Authorize] you can also try the Html component - it allows you to embed arbitrary markup in the page content.

Thanks Guys, I'll have a play around to see what model works best.