Mobile App?

I have a requirement for a new app that needs to run on the iPad platform. Because of the remote nature of the work they cannot always connect to the internet. So, there is a need to in some sense run offline and for the app to be native.

The app needs to be able to use the iPad camera and take a signature from a client.

Blazor currently seems to be missing the necessary component pieces at the moment. Particularly the camera and signature bits. That said a sample Blazor app I created was responsive. Apart from the camera, offline, and a signature the basic CRUD app RadZen creates does most of what they need.

Does anyone have any experience building a 'mobile/device' app using RadZen? I would be interested to know how you handled the deployment, any offline issues as well any experience with the device camera's and signature controls.

This is my first time dealing with mobile so I am on new ground.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


John W

Hi @John_Willems,

Radzen produces server-side Blazor applications at the moment which means that they need a server in order to work. This will prohibit them from working offline.

There is a way to package a Radzen Angular application with Cordova (which is a native mobile application wrapper). Handling the native API (such as taking photos) can happen via the Cordova API. Radzen does not provide out-of-the-box support for that though.

Thanks for the added info. I will take a look at the link As I said this is my attempt at creating such an application. While the application itself is simple enough its the added requirements for offline, etc.

Hi @John_Willems,
Have you looked at progressive web apps ?
I have not tested with SPA but javascript code can be added to an existing web app to add offline features, camera support etc.
Google chrome offers good support for PWA but other browsers vary.

Some related links


Thanks for the links. I will look through them. A couple of days ago,I did quickly look at PWA as an option. I am just not sure my javascript skills are up to the task.

I need offline, use of camera and a signature component. It seems like the marriage of those three things into a RAD platform are not easily found.

Following....i have the same requirement requests.

Radzen applications do not support offline mode out of the box. The closest thing we can offer is PWA support.