Missing translation key for "Title" property in "Open dialog"

So I noticed that Radzen doesn't generate a i18n value for the "Title" property of a "Open dialog" action,
here a screenshot:


is there a workaround for this?

This is generated in the code - no properties for translation

@enchev does this mean there is no official workaround for this? I assumed there was something, as the dialogs to delete a record opened by the grid, have the title translated :frowning:

@enchev I just found that also: i18n-confirmDeleteText

this doesn't get added to the RZ-GRID.

Everything else does:

and so on, but i18n-confirmDeleteText doesn't get added.

This means that when we use the Delete function, the dialog that appears, doesn't have the main text translated, but the rest (buttons and title) are..

Can you please confirm to me that the:

i18n-confirmDeleteText in RZ-GRID (basically the DELETE text when you delete a record from the grid)

is indeed a bug and it's missing, so I can just assume that it will be fixed in a future update without implementing a workaround, or it is not, so I can think for a workaround.

Thank you

I have also discovered this problem today. No translation key is added for page title.

Are there any workarounds for this?

@enchev Are there any workarounds for translating page titles passed as title parameters?

I have internationalization support for 3 languages in my app. We implemented the translations for the titles by binding the Dialog Title property to a static class method. Here's an example:

public class LanguageService {
        public int Language { get; set; }
        public string GetText(EN_Text text, bool toLower = false) {
            string result = Texts.FirstOrDefault(x => x.id == (int)text && x.language == Language)?.value ?? "{}";
            return toLower ? result.ToLower() : result;
        public Item[] Texts = {
            new Item((int)EN_Text.UpdatePerson, "Atualizar Pessoa", (int)EN_Language.Portuguese),

The same method was used pretty much everywhere in the app. They all work as expected.