Missing foreign key in Model

Is there a reason I would be missing a foreign key in a generated model? I was trying to expand to it but getting errors and after looking at the model it is not there. I have all the tables checked when I inferred the database.

The most common reason is that the table which the foreign key points to is missing a Primary Key Constraint. Check if this is not the case.

I validated to make sure but yes I do have a primary key which is an auto-increment int column.

We will need to take a look at the database schema. You can send us the DB as a SQL CREATE script over email.


I am facing the same issue with Blazer i.e. when creating an inline grid, not all the linked tables show up. I have check all my foreign keys (CASCADE/RESTRICT) and it is all there and sound, all pointing to ID.

What I first noticed is that if I change the Primary Key to Auto-Increment, it would be there. As I started to do this for all the 4 I was missing I saw that now, the first one I changed was gone again. It seems that the auto-increment is not the material point but the first result I got was more because of the amendment of my main table and associated Foreign Keys.

So I am still stuck :slight_smile:

Any idea ?

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Unfortunately we can't tell what is causing this issue without somehow reproducing it. If you have a Radzen subscription you can send your project along with your database schema as SQL script to info@radzen.com.

Hi, Not a subscriber yet as I am evaluating. Was just wondering if it was a known issue.
Thank you for your response