Minor feature request: Can RadzenStepsItems have an Icon?

Hey again,

So as the title suggests, would it be possible to add icons to RadzenStepsItem?

By default they're just showing 1/2/3 etc, it would be nice if that step had a property to receive an Icon, just like other components such as the RadzenPanelMenuItem.

If it's not on the agenda to implement this, maybe you can point me in the right direction to manually do this? Any way to inject it as ChildContent, or do RadzenStepsItems have some Template object I don't know about or something? Thanks

I've added Template property similar to TabItem Template and you will be able to define not just text:

It will be available in our update before the end of the week.

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Thanks! it's available to use indeed :slight_smile:

It's not totally as how intended it though,

My intention was to replace these balls (1 / 2) with an icon. I can add an icon to the title now :star_struck: - but I can't get rid of those balls.

I found an option called Class RadzenSteps ShowStepsButtons - I thought maybe that would hide them, but no. (I'm not sure what they hide then.)

I'm trying to hide those balls through css now, but I was wondering if there's any property to show or hide them?