Merge applications

Is there an easy way to merge two applications for radzen? We have seperate radzen applications that we want to merge into one security solution.

Seems like (after backing everything up) that you could try to use the right click, add existing project option in Visual Studio.

Or, maybe play with something like this -

That works fine to bring projects into a solution but each project is still a standalone application. We are looking to merge multpile applications (i.e. merger meta folders into one meta and server folders into one server).

Merging Radzen applications isn't supported as a built-in feature. You can still try to do it though:

  1. Copy the meta/data and meta/pages directories from application A to application B.
  2. Manually merge meta/app.json of application A with application B's. You need to merge the following keys: pages, dataSources and navigation.

For example:


   "pages": ["A"],
   "navigation": ["A"],
   "dataSources": ["ADataSource"]


   "pages": ["B"],
   "navigation": ["B"],
   "dataSources": ["BDataSource"]


   "pages": ["A", "B"],
   "navigation": ["A", "B"],
   "dataSources": ["ADataSource", "BDataSource"]

If you have made changes (any custom code) in the server directory you need to copy those changes to the other application.