Menu - OnItemClick, Font Awesome Icons and Template

Hi there,

I've been looking at you Accordion and Menu components.

  • I wanted to create a menu were the header button is the user's profile image, like a gravatar, but your 'Menu' component doesn't like as though it supports template.
  • Your 'MenuItem's navigate to the route supplied in the 'Path' attribute, but I would want to popup a Dialog or the perform some other action, so an Click event would be ideal.
  • Your icons use the Material icons, and that's great, but my current app and all my VeiwModels are using Font Awesome icon classes - Would be awesome if you could support them as well.

If you Accordion supported an Font Awesome icon classes then that would be lovely.


I think Font Awesome would be a great addition.

You can check the ProfileMenu component (just realised there is no demo for it yet). It has a Template and a Click event.