Menu on a Data Grid

Hi team, is it possible to add a menu on a data grid column? for menu actions on particular row.


This demo might help you:


That works but was looking for something like this:

You can place SplittButton in DataGrid Column HeaderTemplate then.

Hi ,
Yes am using that at the moment, i thought there was another way. How can i change the background colour for the splitbutton?

I would do this as follows:
Inspect the element, find the Radzen css and then put your new value in a custom css file

Thanks for the quick response.

Using custom css works ok, am having one challenge though, i have realized that i have to name it rz-button for it to work, however this affects other buttons on the page which i want them to have a different style. how can i overcome this?


You can assign a custom class to any Radzen Blazor component and use it instead.

<RadzenSplitButton class="my-button" />
.my-button .rz-some-other-class {

Awesome awesome!! You guys are the best. it works!! Fantastic...
Thanks alot.