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I've noted that the Menu Navigation Template isn't behaving as expected. If you create a new app, attach a database, generate crud pages, and then create a new layout based on Menu Navigation and set your pages to use it, all of the pages have the header overlapping the page title and generated buttons.

This is repeatable, and happens with untouched Radzen designer generated apps.

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Hi @SloSuenos,

Thanks for the report! We will fix the layout template with the next Radzen release. You can manually fix yours by moving the menu component to the first header row and deleting the second row.

Hello @korchev, wanted to mention a couple of minor things.

With the fix you mention above, the mouse cursor no longer changes to a pointer when its hovering over the menu text. I created a class to set the cursor and added it to the attributes of the menu, but this doesn't work for some reason. Adding the attribute to the row / column elements under the menu partially works, but the cursor reverts to default when next to, or over the menu text. Just thought you might want to check that after implementing your fix to verify its working properly.

Also IMHO, I think the grid would look nicer if the horizontal line between column labels, and filter fields
remained contiguous even while a column doesn't a filter enabled.image

Note the line not continuing at 'Issue State" and 'Edit' & 'Delete' fields above. Of course, one can easily create a fake filter for the columns with a column component or do-nothing html to get the contiguous lines...

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The cursor seems to be working as expected:

We will think about this.