Menu items with similar paths

Dear RadzenTeam,
First I love your components.
And my question:
Can I force the RadzenMenuItems to load the same page with different parameters?
I have tried these:

@page "add/{param}"
<RadzenMenuItem Text="" Path="add/param1"></RadzenMenuItem>
<RadzenMenuItem Text="" Path="add/param2"></RadzenMenuItem>
@page "add/aaa/{param}"
@page "add/bbb/{param}"
<RadzenMenuItem Text="" Path="add/aaa/param1"></RadzenMenuItem>
<RadzenMenuItem Text="" Path="add/bbb/param2"></RadzenMenuItem>

Thank you in advance.

Hi @hatvanis,

Welcome to the Radzen community!

The Radzen Blazor Menu uses the Blazor built-in NavLink component so whatever works with the latter will work with the menu. Try adding a slash before all paths to see if makes a difference e.g. "/add/param1"

Hi @korchev,
Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately it didn't solve my problem but I created two components with he same body.

I'm having a variation of this problem. I'm trying to pass a querystring like this:

the value gets passed just fine but other query parms wont navigate such as:

I'm duing server side if that's a factor. Anybody go any suggestions. TIA

I know it's been awhile since this was active, but was there ever a resolution to using parameters in the RadzenMenuItem where you can pass parameters and it refreshes the screen? For example:

<RadzenMenuItem Path="/posting/receipt/" Text="Receive Goods" />
<RadzenMenuItem Path="/posting/issue/" Text="Issue Goods" />

When either of these two are clicked, the page will not refresh with the new parameter. Is there a way to force this? I know I can use the Click property and force the refresh with UriHelper, but it reloads the application which slows response time. Any help would be appreciated.


Does that work with the <NavLink /> component?