Menu collapse/auto hide after select

Is there a way to have the menu collapse after select at a certain width and below? (or some may want it to always collapse?)

Hi @Chad,

You can handle the Click event of the RadzenPanelMenu in the MainLyout of your app and set the sidebarExpanded field to false. This should collapse the sidebar whenever the user clicks on a panel menu item.

New method isn't firing...

I am not sure what this means.

I added a new method as you suggested.

It doesn't work, when I set a breakpoint inside the method, it does not hit that breakpoint in debug mode.

It does not seem to be recognizing the click event.

Did you handle the Click event of RadzenPanelMenu? Adding the method won't do anything on its own.

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Have it working now, thank you.

Is it possible to have the behavior be different based on width or device?

Hide on mobile, but not on desktop