MAUI and Radzen (RadzenTabs)

I have create a simple MAUI-App and try to integrate the RadzenTabs on a page.

The Page has following code (Settings.razor)

@page "/settings"
@using VxFormGenerator.Core
@using System.Dynamic
@using Radzen
@using Radzen.Blazor
@using MYKEY.FxCoreMAUI.Application


<RadzenTabs RenderMode="TabRenderMode.Client">

        <RadzenTabsItem Text="Datenbank">
            <EditForm Model="_DatabaseSettings" OnValidSubmit="HandleValidSubmit" OnInvalidSubmit="HandleInValidSubmit">
                <DataAnnotationsValidator />
                <RenderFormElements />
                <RadzenButton class="btn btn-primary" type="submit">Speichern</RadzenButton>


But the only Radzen-looks-like control is the "button" and the "editform".

What is missing in my code to apply the RadzenTab-View

You’ve not included the required CSS, check our getting started for reference.

Thanks for this hint. But i think, I have include the mentioned css:

The CSS file seems to not load for some reason. You should investigate why (probably via developer tools or output window).

Thanks - i have copied the css to my MAUI-App and now it works