Material icon matching

Matching icons from in a RadzenIcon component does not seem to work in some cases.

  • Simple names like book work just fine.
  • 3d_rotation produces the matching icon, as expected.
  • menu_book does not produce the expected icon but instead shows the menu icon followed by some whitespace and the book icon. (see attached screenshot)
  • menubook produces the same result except for the space.

I suspect the shorter icon names are somehow matched before the longer menu_book name. Entering the icon names into the source of the example page produces the same results and my code looks similar.


<RadzenIcon Icon="menu_book" />


You can get the latest icon font like this:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

If you add it in _Host.cshtml you will get desired result:

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I've just published new version of Radzen.Blazor (2.1.19) with themes updated to latest Material Icons

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