Master/Detail Sample

Hello. I purchased Redzen and the product is cool. I am struggling though to figure out how to do a simple concept. I want to do an order page. The header would have the Order date, Shipping method, ect.

Below that would be the order details in a grid.

Could a sample be built to show this functionality? It is so basic yet it seems no one can do it without several hours of code and knowledge. Why is this concept so difficult?



It is actually pretty easy. For example with auto-generate app from Northwind database:

Go to Edit Order page, add DataGrid component below the Form and bind it to OrderDetails for the current OrderID:

the expression is: OrderID eq ${parameters.OrderID}

Now run the app and edit an order:

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This is good but in a real world scenario, we want to disable editing previous orders once they are already saved. How do we do this? It would be better if there is a blank order header and blank order details so that the end user will Enter new orders, and not showing all the previous order headers and corresponding order details, this would be helpful only as an onscreen report but not as an order entry of new orders. May I kindly request if you can provide a better way of doing this? Thanks very much!

Is there a source code for this? I clicked on the descriptions where its like attachments of download but it cycles me through this page. Thanks!

Description is actually other threads that refers this thread. You do not need source - read my reply.