Master Detail Hierarchy Filtering

I am trying to set up a Master Detail Hierarchy page that lists clients and then tasks for those clients. I have it set up for search as you type. It works amazingly, but I have one problem. When I expand the tasks for each client, I want to filter for only open tasks. In the Tasks table I have a bool called eventclosed. Every time I introduce a filter to the task child table (in the master table row expand event) it will not run. The only filter on the record prior to trying this is in the following picture.

All I want to do is add a filter line EventClose Not equals true
Can anybody tell me how to accomplish this as just adding the filter locks up the page.

Can you post more info about the problem? What is "will not run"? Do you have an exception? If you need to additional filter you can write it directly in the parameter:

Thank you for the quick solution. Just trying to put the filter in the wrong place. One more question though...I followed the instructions you gave on a previous question about Master Detail Page and adding a column with the count of the child records. It works fine except for the filter which reports a count of all child records until I expand the row, then it updates with the correct count. I know where I am getting the count, but how to updated it without expanding the row?

In this example page loads showing 7 Tasks and when I Expand the row it goes to 0 (which is correct based on the filter)
I want it to show the 0 immediately without expanding the row...

Thanks for your help!!!

PS...My tables are called Conacts and Tasks (my client calls Tasks Leads ... Hence the field names)

Not sure I understand this. What filter reports the count of child records? You can count child records only after you expand them or you can create your own custom method that counts child records separately and use it in your UI where needed.

I used the following example,

I have a count column on the master record that works fine, except it won't filter using the statement in this image until I expand the row...

As I said in my previous reply the Count() method of the collection with child records will work only when this collection is populated which by default in our templates is performed on master row expand.