Master Detail Hierarchy - Detail to the Detail Grid


I have 3 tables and they have the below relationship:
JoinTopic(ID:JT_ID) -- JoinTopicBase(ID:JTB_ID, FK:JT_ID) -- JoinTopicPair(JTP_ID, FK1:JTB_ID, FK2:JTB_ID).

With the template I created a master detail hierarchy page for JoinTopic as master and the JoinTopicBase as the detail. But now I need to add another grid in the detail template and populate it with the JoinTopicPair entities. I tried to mimic the code for the JoinTopicBase on the RowExpand event of the master table, but no luck. The data is not filled. The screenshots are below. Can you please help?

Hi @ozgur_agi,

Try to debug your code. Is the request made on expand to get the data for this table? What's returned? You can use your browser dev tools network tab.

Wow that really solved the problem. I check the network there was an error, the correct expand should have been JoinTopicBase not ...Bases. Now I see values in the table but the preview in radzen does not suggest me any column names.

I have a question though. At the beginning it was hard to understand where the data in ${data.X} of the detail tables come from. Because in the master table we set the entity to ${event.X=return.value}. But in the detail table, we read it from data. How are they connected?

Also, even after I added the event step in the master table, the new property is not visible on the recommendations in detail data bind. See the screenshot below:

Is this normal? This also tricked me a bit.
Best and thanks for the help,

data in this case is the current record in the master table.

Yes, the new property will not be visible in the data-binding property dialog since it's not part of the data source meta code.

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All clear. Thank you for the help :slight_smile: