Master detail grid using blazor

I am brand new to Radzen, I am looking for master-detail Datagrid example using radzen blazor controls. Anyone know where to find it?

You can use Radzen to create such pages from Master Detail templates.

I wanted to use it, but i do not see oracle options, I use oracle database.

There is still no Oracle support for .NET Core 3.0 hence Radzen doesn't allow it for Blazor applications.

So I can not really develop master detail grid for oracle back-end apps?

Oracle support is still not enabled for Blazor projects since there is no .NET Core 3.0 version of the Oracle EF provider. Hopefully we will have such from Oracle team soon.

Thank you for your reply. I am using to bring data through the data access layer to presentation layer where I am using blazor server app, so bringing data from the database is fine, but I am having a hard time to implement Master-Details grid, I am trying to use your blazor controls but could not find a sample that shows how to do it.

You can use RowSelect event of the first grid to get the master selected item, initiate a call to your database to get the details data based on master item and assign it to Data property of the details grid.

I've just added two new examples to our demos:

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Awesome, Thank you so much.