Master Detail Data Entry

Hi, May I kindly request if you can create a tutorial on how to create a Master Detail Data Entry? I have seen a tutorial on how to resent Master Detail Pages but it is not efficient to enter Data by displaying all the Master and then selecting the master before entering a detail. It should be a blank for like an Invoice form where the order header is filled up first by selecting the customer, date etc. then adding detail items by selecting products by code or item description, enter qty and calculating the price and then clicking a plus button to add more details then a total will be displayed , its like a simple invoicing form. Then If the end users saves , a blank master detail invoice form is ready again for another invoice

I have replied to this question already here. If you need dedicated support you may consider getting a Radzen Professional subscription.

Yap you have replied and I have replied it also. Is there a better way to do that? Like I mentioned in a real world scenario where the previous orders cannot be deleted. and the adding of new order items would be easy too. Thanks!