Mask component, what are the possible mask values?

hello, I'm trying to use the Mask component from the Toolbox, but I'm having issue finding out what are the possible masks.

The mask I need is a hh:mm mask (hours:minutes),

but if I put as mask : 99:99,

it works, but it allwos users to input values like 85:25, which is not a time.

I need to limit the values, the max HH value is 23, and the max MM value is 59,

is there a way to do this?

Hi @ava_pmi,

The Mask component is a wrapper of the PrimeNG Mask. It doesn't support Min/Max values.

@korchev thank you, and as far as you know, is it possible to add some javascript/jquery, to manipulate the user input in a Mask component, so that if he tries to input a non allowed value (based on regex) I cant block that input?

if so, where should I place the code to manipulate your mask component?

@korchev another question, I just noticed that the Mask component doesnt have events? I need the onChange event to trigger some other stuff when the value in the Mask component is changed