Manual IIS deployment issue

I did a manual deployment of a Blazor app built of the latest version of Razden (Community Edition 2.59.2) to IIS 10 (Windows Server 2016). The Blazor app was built with .NET 5.0.5 on a Windows 10 desktop and the Windows Server has .NET 5.0.5 hosting bundle installed. The app was deployed manually per the instructions on the Radzen website. When I Browse to the site in IIS manager, all I get blank page. Enabling logging in web.config did not log anything. I have Windows administrator rights to the Windows Server.

I've deployed other (non-Razden) Blazor web (server) apps to IIS on this Windows Server and they work fine. The Radzen built app works fine on the desktop.

Any suggestions as to what the issue might be?


was it possible to fix this problem?

I have the same trouble.
It works fine inside of Radzen IDE and VisualStudio IIS, but a separat server with IIS shows only a blank page.

The browser load as last action "_blazor?id=..." with code 101 Switching Protocols.
Neither the browser nor the IIS log files shows any error.

I use Windows Server 2019, .NET 6, IIS 10, Chrome and the radzen project the security provider "windows".

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