Manual Dropdown Binding

Is there a way for me to have a dropdown that isn't bound to a table in the database?

For example, I have some status codes that will never change:

Code, Name
C, Cancelled
H, Hold
L, Live

Can I just use a dropdown with a custom list rather than binding it to something in the database?


Hi @Paul_Pitchford,

Check this thread:

In addition if you want different text and value you can setup the DropDown like this:

  1. Set the Data property to this expression @(new [] { new { Text = "one", Value = 1 }, new { Text = "two", Value = 2 } } ):
  2. Set TextProperty to Text (you have to type it in and press Add Text ..)`
  3. Set ValueProperty to Value (you also have to type it in).
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