Make table/data grid fill portion of window and and have columns scroll across

Just like on the above page, the data grid fills a portion of the window and expands/resizes as you'd expect, allowing you to scroll on the

How can I mimic that sort of behavior? I have my side bar and then a data grid in the main body of the page with more columns than can be displayed without scrolling. I want my data grid to fill the rest of the page but then the scrolling to be done inside the data grid instead of with the window.

What's preventing you from doing the same thing as the demo if it achieves the result you want? The complete source code of this application is available here: radzen-blazor/RadzenBlazorDemos at master · radzenhq/radzen-blazor · GitHub

OK! Got it working! Thank you! I ended up with the following in my main layout page.

        <RadzenRow Gap="2rem" Class="rz-pt-6 rz-px-4 rz-px-sm-8 rz-px-xl-12">
            <RadzenColumn Size="12">
                <RadzenRow Class="rz-mx-auto" Style="max-width: 1600px;">
                    <RadzenColumn Size="12" SizeMD="12">