Mac Version - Catalina compatible?

Hi, is the Mac version of Radzen, compatible with the last Catalina version? I seems not to work.
Please confirm,


We haven't tried that yet and will have to investigate. What issues are you seeing? What does "It seems not to work" mean? Any screenshots?

Hi Atanas,
Yes look at this image

It seems the build needs to be notarized

Indeed. We are investigating the notarization requirements. There is a chance you can still run Radzen. Check the Security settings in macOS.

Try the following:

  1. Go to the Applications directory
  2. Instead of double-clicking Radzen open the context-menu and click Open
  3. The security dialog will now have an Open button which should successfully load Radzen

We will investigate the notarization process and update this thread once there is progress.

It opens, but when you try to open or import an application, radzen does nothing!

Unfortunately the notarisation process is very slow today and we cannot complete it yet. It took more than one hour per attempt because of an Apple service problem. We will continue tomorrow.

BTW I was able to open and work just fine after following the instructions. I wonder what could be different.

According to the notarising documentation one can notarise an existing application. I will try to do that for the latest Radzen version and will ask you to try again to see if it works.

I think I have notarized the latest Radzen version 2.25.6. Could you try the following:

  1. Delete Radzen from your Applications
  2. Add it again from the DMG
  3. Try to run it.

If successful the dialog should look like this

I downloaded and installed the latest version. I had to do a clean uninstall of Radzen in my Mac in order to have it working again.