Lost Tables

Hi guys,

When I connect my database I can't see the following security tables.

  • AspNetUsers
  • AspNetRoles
  • AspNetUserRoles ect.

These tables are created for my previous project that runs on ASP.Net
These tables are managing the users and the security as you know.

Is it possible to include these tables into the Radzen Project?

Thanks for your help,

Since these security tables are created with migrations they are excluded on infer. Radzen handles security with separate data source different from the main application data source.

Radzen handles the security case very well, I know it and I read the security articles in your documents. But there is a problem. My security tables are in a separate database. I can't figure out how can I manage this case. Do you have any suggestions?

We have custom security example for Angular with .NET Core - might help you in your case as well:

I'll be checking that document. And I'll try to migrate my two different databases in one. I think this will be the best solution.
Thanks for your help,