Logout causes blank page

Whenever clients press the logout button the page goes empty (no content) and all buttons stop working till a refresh.

Hi @Levi_Barrocas,

We are not aware of such issues. Is there any JS error appearing? Also if the page goes empty how are there any buttons that aren't working?

I have a log out button, whenever it is pressed, it goes to page where all that is shown is the main layout. Any buttons do not work, after that it needs a refresh.
I do get an error in the webconsole: Screenshot%20from%202019-12-19%2013-50-49

I can suggest debugging the JavaScript to see what causes the exception. Also check for server-side exceptions and or failed HTTP requests.

The button is set up like this.
There are no server side errors. I will try to check a bit more on the javascript side.