Login redirects to login page again after a successfull validation


Im having a trouble with the login form, when a user is correctly autenticated is redirected to login page again, any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Check what the start page of your application is. It should not be the Login page.

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Thanks, I set Login page as login and Dashboard as Main, it looks better but when i start the app the first page is Dashboard before i login, if i logout an then login works ok,
im losing something ?


You have to set the Access of the required page to Authenticated.

The access is set, i clear cache and cookies and its working :sweat_smile: , Thanks a lot!

where do you set the start page?

You add @page "/" at the start of the desired page. More info here: routes - Setting a startup page in Blazor - Stack Overflow

thanks for the feedback.

I think something else is wrong on my side.

@page "/" is already on Index.razor page however, after login with admin/admin the system returns to the login page without any error.

I have set the ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development Environment variables

Check the troubleshooting steps.

thanks @korchev, this solved my issue: