Login Looping

When I try to implement security on my app, I login, and it says authorizing then loops back to the login page. Everything says it should be going to the profile page.
Any help?

Hi @jamieabraham10,

Is there a chance that the login page is also set as the application start page? You can check that by going to the page properties (from the context menu option).

It was, however, I turned that off, but same result.

Was the application running? Try stopping it and running it again from Radzen. This will ensure all code is generated properly.

I have done that. I have created another app with 1 page and a login. but it still says authorizing then bounces back to login.

Are you using use the built-in security? Did you check the "Autogenerate pages for user management" checkbox? It generates a working Login page.

I did, however when i monitor the output....It says IdentityServer4.Events.DefaultEventService[0]
Name: Token Issued Failure
Category: Token
Event Type: Failure
ID: 2001
Endpoint: Authorize
Scopes: Test.ServerAPI openid profile

I am attaching a sample application which works as expected. You can test it by importing it in Radzen and specifying some valid connection to a database. After running try logging in with admin as user and password.SampleWebAssembly.zip (16.9 KB)

All fixed now, thank you.