Login doesn't work

After adding security to the solution and running the app I'm not able to login. After entering the credentials I get redirected to the login page again and again. The necessary Identity tables are created in the db but it seems the user admin is not added correctly? I've tried that several times with different and blank databases.

Same problem here. Entering the credentials admin/admin does nothing. It is like refreshing the page. Entering fictional credentials however results in an "Invalid user or password" message.

I can see, that this topic is neary 4 years old. Has this issue been resolved? What was the solution.

Having a look at the database tells me, that the user table is empty.

Hi @dignida,

Please provide more details as we are not sure what you are testing and how. You can also check the troubleshooting article here. By the way admin/admin works only during development.

Thank you for your quick reply, again. It seems, that the following criteria has not met:

  • The application is accessed over http and your server isn’t configured to redirect automatically to https.

So is it not possible to test the app locally via RBS like I am trying to do? Shouldn't RBS be able to launch the application with the certificates needed?

Update: I found the hint from another website to run the following from cli:

dotnet dev-certs https --trust

Now Edge does not open the page under https://localhost:5001/ at all, but firefox does, and login works there. If you have a hint, what I did wrong/right this time, a reply would be great. But no need to rush, since I am fine with firefox at the moment.