Logging out with Azure AD

I'm new to radzen and blazor, but love what I've seen so far. Just upgraded to a radzen professional license.

I have a basic app up and running (few basic CRUD pages) using Azure AD security. I followed the radzen docs to setup the Azure AD security. I'm able to login to the app and navigate around. The problem I run into is on logout. When I choose Logout I get an error page that says:

There was an error trying to log you out: ''

The URL has a message:


The user is not logged out, and I can continue to access the CRUD pages.

I'm confused.... am I missing a setup set?

Anyone seen this before?

Hi @TeaMonkeyFruit,

Unfortunately we are not aware of such issue. Could you send us your application to info@radzen.com so we can troubleshoot?

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