Hello Radzen Team,
i'm dealing with Blazor Localization.

When i change the .de-DE,resx entry e.g. pageTitle.Text and save it and then running the app the pageTitle.Text is reset to the english version/generated name....

How can i localize the app to german/de-DE? Cant figure out how this works and cant find anything about serverside Blazor Localization.


When you set default culture to German we assume that you will write your interface in German. Radzen will always overwrite default culture resx values using the latest values from UI. The other culture(s) resx values will not be overwritten - will receive only additional values if available (for example new Label added to UI)

ah! ok. i understand. that makes sense

Thank you!

Hello! How to localize text of the next item in DropDownList?:

You can use SelectedItemsText property. Not exposed at the moment in Radzen property grid however it will be exposed in the next update. You can set it as attribute.