LoadData with DropDown data Grid

Hello Radzen Team?

I need your help....I have a big self reference datagrid with many component.
In each I have a dropdown data grid where the data inside are dependent of other component of the self ref datagrid.
My problem is to fill each dropdown it take to much time to use a method which filter the component inside directly in the Data property of the dropdowndatagrid

So I would like to use the loaddata property but when I put my method @(args => LoadDataDispalyedPartLibraries(args,SelectedStructure)) with two parameters the args from the dropdown and and the component, without allowing Virtualisation nothing happens....

I would like to know if there is a way to pass the component parameter during the Loaddata event ?

What is "the component"? It isn't clear from the rest of the post.

Ok I will try to explain my problem correctly :

I have a First Datagrid filled with item from a Class StructuresValues each of these items need to contain a list of selected components from a Class named PartLibrary these components are selected in a DropDownDatagrid with multiple selection possible as we see in the picture below.

My Problem :
I have a complicated method to define the data for each dropdown but when I put Data=@Mymethod(StructuresValues structure) which return a List of PartLibrary
it takes too much time because the method is called each time a dropdown is rendered or modified, so I would like to call the method only when the user open the dropdown to prevent time wasting...I tried the loaddata event like this LoadData =@(args => MyMethod(args, StructuresValues structure)) but it's not working.

So do you have a way to load the data from a method only when the user opens the dropdowndatagrid ?

@korchev Do you have any solution to solve this issue ?

I still don't understand what the issue is. What does "it is not working" mean?

What I want : It is only load the data in the drop down when the user open it.
Is there's a way to do it properly ?