Link to same page with updated ID not refreshing

hi guys,

interesting one here, on a page i have a datalist item with a template of cards with links

the link is simply configured to open the same page called "DocsBrowser" and it has an Id Parameter

this builds and runs okay and on the mouse click of the link the URL is updating however the screen is not refreshing.... if i manually click the browser reload then the page refreshes and loads as expected.

is there an event i need to include somewhere to trigger the page reload / refresh on the updated URL ? there doesn't appear to be a click event for a link that i can see

Check here: Menu not removing filter - #3 by korchev

awesome thanks Korchev,

do it put that in the partial class behind the code or in the page load configuration in Radzen ?

got it, thanks for the pointer @korchev Legend!!