Line charts

Is it possible to add new points/series to a line graph by entering the x and y components in a text box and clicking a button to add the points/series to the line graph.

Hi @Lorry,

Yes, this is possible. You can add items to a collection which the Data property of the RadzenLineSeries element is set to. Then call the Reload method of the RadzenChart (you need to get a reference to it). Here is some quick example:

<RadzenChart @ref="myChart">
    <RadzenLineSeries Data="myCollection" ValueProperty="Value" CategoryProperty="Category" />
@code {
    class MyItem
         public string Category { get; set; }
         public double Value { get; set; }

    IList<MyItem> myCollection = new List<MyItem>();

    RadzenChart myChart;

    void AddItem()
        myCollection.Add(new MyItem { Value = 100, Category = "Category" });

We can't help unless you tell us more.

I have it working. Thank you so much for the help!