Limit globalization/internationalization auto-generates?

As designed globalization/internationalization auto-generates "@L[ ]" substitutes for a RadzenLabel Text fields. But my Text field contains something like this:


In this case the substitution generates not working code. (The code in de .resx file is correct but it does not work: it gets literal displayed.)

Is there a way, apart from adding the razor page to the ignore list, to make sure this Label Text does not get substituted?

By the way, it seems that not all Text fields get substituted: For example

Text="@($"{(((DateTime)rsmModelsBiedAppDbViewObjectenEventsBiedingen.DatumAfsluiting).ToString("dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm"))}")"

in the same file is not substituted, which is fine by me.

Localization is applied only on statically declared values, bound expressions ${} are kept.