Layout not loading when using Material 3

I had an issue today, that my application did not render the layout. I checked everything and wonder, because another Radzen Blazor application works well on the same server.

Later, I recognised, that I choosed the new Material 3 theme. As soon as I used an „older“ one, it worked.

It seems, the css files where not included in the publishing folder?

I got no helpful errors when I opened the developer tools on Egde, Chrome or Safari.

But changing the theme fixed it.

I just wanted to leave this here in case other users run into the same issue.

Best regards, Markus

I'm having the same issue with Material 3 theme after updating to the latest software version.

We can't reproduce such problems with the Material 3 theme. The required CSS file is correctly published to the wwwroot directory.

If you have an active subscription you can provide more details to