Layout Indenting Contents


I created a basic layout with only a body and content container. Whenever I create a page for the layout it indents my contents.



When I run the application, the contents are indented even though I haven't altered any margins:

For a workaround I can set negative margins to move the indented contents to the left but I lose visibility in Radzen.

Am I doing something wrong?



This is most probably a result of some CSS adding margin or max-width that centers the content container within the browser window, making the content look indented. You can use DevTools to inspect the element in the browser and see what is causing it.

Thank you for the quick reply.

The RadzenBody.razor.cs seems to be applying a 250px left margin if the layout is null, but as far as I can tell my layout is not null since my page is assigned to a layout.

For now I am applying -250px margin to offset this. Are you able to reproduce this or is this expected behavior?



Also if I set an explicit margin of 0px on the layout body to override the computed value it corrects this issue.

Yes, that'd be the solution in your case until we address the left margin issue.