Latest Radzen update broke the Rendered preview of the app

I launched the updated for Radzen this morning, and since then, my Preview of the project looks like:

what can we do to fix this? Deleting node_module and running a npm install doesn't fix it

You have custom node_modules for some reason? Usually you do not need node_modules for your app - Radzen will create symlink to already installed node_modules in Radzen installation folder.

yes I have custom module, but that was never an issue, the preview worked correctly always.

How can we fix this? What do we need to change?

We are unable to reproduce such problem.

If you have a Radzen Professional subscription you can zip the entire application and send it to

@enchev thank you for the answer,
I see that other users have the same issue since yesterday's update:

so this means it's not something cause by us.

Is there a way to revert radzen to the latest version before yesterday?

All previous Radzen versions are available here: