Latest build --> hide panel when data returns zero records no longer working

hi guys,

i have a bit of code on my application home page which is designed to show / hide panels if the queries for the in panel data grids return zero records. i.e. hide the panel if there is no data.

the structure of the page is as follows;

the background code looks like this;

with the homepage.razor looking like this

the error received is as follows;

this was working pre update to the latest Radzen build...

so question time...
is there a better way to do this?
i.e. if the datagrid in a tab is empty, hide the tab....
if all the datagrids in a tab layout are empty, then hide the panel

is there a bug which is prohibiting this previous approach from working???

the page looks appropriatly formed; i'm not sure the errors are correct

According to the error there is unclosed tag however as far as I can see from your screenshots there are no elements with unclosed tags - most probably a quote is missing somewhere. If you believe that previous version of Radzen worked for your case you can always downgrade to desired version using the download links in our changelog:

interesting progress....

i updated line 19 to

<div class="col-md-6 col-12" style="display: ${_IATTabEnabled ? block : none}">

it was previously

<div class="col-md-6 col-12" style="display: ${_IATTabEnabled ? "block" : "none"}">

the build succeeds,


when i run the application via Radzen, the quotations are replaced, line 19 becomes

<div class="col-md-6 col-12" style="display: ${_IATTabEnabled ? "block" : "none"}">

and then the build fails

so i think it's a code generation bug that has been introduced

In my opinion this expression is not correct in general. If you are looking for assigning conditionally style attribute the expression show be @{(true ? "display:block" : "display:none")}

think i got it :smiley:

column now has a style attribute of

the panel has this

and a few others, thanks for the tip @enchev