Last selected row for table, last page no of a table, - and load/save that

I want to be able to, per user -

  • to save the last selected row for table,
  • last page no of a table in a table, - and load/save that.
  • last sort order.

is it possible to do so?

For example, when a user clicks on a page, it goes to the first page of the grid. and the previous setting - of the grid are lost. Is it possible to make the user's selection persistent for that page?

Such functionality is not supported out-of-the-box. You need to handle grid events like LoadData (for sort, filter and current page) and RowSelect and persist desired information for every grid/page.

yes, i understand that. any snipplet of code, or pointers to do that?

Have you tried LoadData and RowSelect events?

No, I didn't. -- I'll check. Give a moment.