KeyPad Period Not Clearing Numeric Selected value

Reply to the closed issue below.
The issue is that I am using the ten-key (key pad) period, when I use the non-ten-key period it works every time without issue. I went to another user and had them try it with and without using the ten key, when they used the ten key it concatenated the value, but with the keyboard period, it cleared it and worked.

On January 19th, the numericKeyPress was updated to culture check for the NumpadDecimal. This should also handle if I have everything selected, for instance when I tab into the Numeric and start typing with the NumpadDecimal it should clear out my value.


line 803

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I am not a javascript guy. How do I know if the user has the value selected or not? Is that being passed into this method or is there another method that knows if the value is selected?

Hello all,

I am having the same issue as well. @enchev it looks like Nate just found the issue in your Radzen.Blazor.js file. Really, removing that if block will resolve the issue. I am not sure why that would have been added in the first place.