Js not working on new install

Seems none of the js is working.

I have correctly added to my _hosts.cshtml file.

All I see on the screen with the demo menu defined is:

home General keyboard_arrow_down
More keyboard_arrow_down

Note, I am NOT publishing, just running it in debug locally to test the radzen nuget.

Any ideas?

You can check the code of our demos and what's different compared to your project:

Thanks, but I've already looked at your documentation and sample code, and downloaded a couple sample projects, but this is a brand new install of your nuget. Should I not be able to use your sample code with a new install and have it work?

Nuget install will just add reference to the binary, nothing more. All other steps are listed here:

I know, I followed that, and went here: https://www.radzen.com/documentation/blazor/menu/

I have done what it says to do and just copy/pasted the sample code, and it does not work.

I've already read the documentation and looked for similar errors online.

It just doesn't work.

You may have hit the issue described in this thread. You can easily verify by checking your browser's Network tab for any failed HTTP requests.

Sure enough, that was it. I just needed the webBuilder.UseStaticWebAssets(); set in my program.cs

Thank you! Much appreciated! I'm sure this will help in future builds as well since it's a bug in .net core.