Issues with DatePicker Component

When selecting days on the date picker, dates of the not-current month are darkened and non-selectable causing issues when selecting an end date. Is it possible for this to be fixed or there to be an option to allow selection of non-current month days?


I've logged your request.

You library is really cool. But I have some troubles with DatePicker.

  1. In some countries week starts not from Sunday, but from Monday. It would be very nice from you to check DateTimeFormatInfo.CurrentInfo.FirstDayOfWeek while building calendar form.
  2. In some cases (I don't know what's matter) if you choose some date from calendar and then clear the field, you get NullReference exception inside ParseDate method. Maybe, it's not always good idea to cast null to TValue (if DateTime used as TValue). You can check this issue in the page
    Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Alex,

We've just added FirstDayOfWeek in the DatePicker component with Radzen.Blazor 2.1.12. Can you post the full stack trace of the exception? I'm unable to reproduce it on our demos:

Hello, It's really does not reproductable in your site.

It would be good idea to make some small changes inside ParseDate method :slight_smile:
if (DateTimeValue != newValue)
DateTimeValue = newValue;
if (Value==null)
** await ValueChanged.InvokeAsync(default(TValue));**
** else**
await ValueChanged.InvokeAsync((TValue)Value);

So you look at the code using disassembler? :slight_smile: Probably you need TValue to be nullable if you plan to clear the picker value.

:(. It's bad news for us

It's normal user behavior - to clear a field. And in this case this immediately leads to close Blazor session and end of application :(. And I can't do anything to prevent it. Please, correct this issue :slight_smile:

Look at the suggestion in my previous reply - you need to set TValue to nullable DateTime.

Yes, thank you, I've seen. I'll check is it possible in all cases in our application :frowning:

If you own a Radzen Professional subscription you can send us your project to to troubleshoot the problem.

Unfortunately, we have no Radzen Professional subscription because we are government organization in the poor country :), so we are enforced to use only free solutions :frowning:

Any updates on this feature request?

We will do our best to included it in our next update (before the end of this week or early next week)

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Radzen 2.42.8 just released with this feature implemented.